Saturday, 21 April 2012

Long time no speak...

Wow it's been a long time! I've decided to make a new crafting start - I work better with goals, so I'm going to set some in the hope that I stick to them. Similarly, I need deadlines, so I'm going for a one month and three month target. Hopefully that should be doable!

One month:

1. Gertie's gathered skirt in cotton using this tutorial: gertie's fabulous blog. I already have a border print that should work, so I might give this a try tomorrow before I pick up my OH from Hornsea following his mammoth cycle ride

2. Finish my cape (replacement for a light jacket rather than secret superhero identity...) - I now have a blind hem foot, so even my carefully crafted excuses are no longer valid...

3. Make two sorbettos, that actually fit. The last one was fine, and I was really pleased I actually made it, but it has lots of fabric at the back. I may have used the wrong fabric, but I think it may look better if I make it in a slightly smaller size.

Three months:

1. Make the bombshell dress from the Craftsy course

2. Make a gathered skirt in silk taffeta - I have already bought the fabric, just need to make a practice and gain some confidence!

3. Finish a blanket for my mates baby (due in August)

I think that should do for now. My other aim is to post once a week with updates on all of the above - should keep me on track hopefully! Wish me luck!