Saturday, 30 July 2011

What makes you smile?

One of the reasons I set up this blog was to try and encourage myself to take a few more photos and make things a bit more, instead of spending so much time looking at other people's makes and gorgeous photos. On that vein, I thought I'd share some pictures of things that have made me smile recently:

This was a photo taken at a lovely spot in the Yorkshire dales. We might be going camping close to here over the bank holiday, whilst I'm not a natural camper, the stunning views make it all worthwhile :)

I've also been finishing work early (for me - about 6.30pm) and going for walks around the local lake with my camera. I'm particularly pleased with this shot of a chap I saw hiding in the woodland - he's not half so gruff as he looks, I'm sure.

Final photo - whilst it's not the best ever shot, Ducklings! In July! How can that not make someone smile. Especially as one was just about to fly, and kept flapping it's wings manically, but couldn't quite get out of the water, and another kept swimming the wrong way then having to frantically change direction to catch up to mum and the others. Simple things...

Speaking of which, I've been to the local cafe for a rose lemonade (lush) and lunch, followed by candyfloss icecream - with real bits of candyfloss in it - followed by an afternoon of crocheting in the sun and listening to cheesy music on mflow (erasure and deeply dippy anyone??). I'll post pics shortly, but it's a project which was in the bad books after I forgot to try it on and the shoulder finished somewhere near my elbow. It's now been ripped back, and I'm almost back where I was this morning before the frogging started. But on the bright side, at least I realised and didn't persist like I usually do... Growing as a person peeps!

Finally, I've had some lovely comments from Dibs and Bee Happy to my last post, which really cheered me up and spurred me on. Whilst I started this for me, it's such a privilege to have you guys follow me, and I'm so grateful. Your blogs are an inspiration, and were the reason I created this so it truly is an honour - thanks.

Definitely lots making me smile today... What's making you guys smile?

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